The latest and most technologically advanced products

MCM Medi-Merania LTD was founded for one purpose only, to bring to the market the latest and the most technological advance products for Healthcare and the protection of Nature, forests and the environment; for these, we promise to ourselves and our clients that we will promote and sell the best quality products in the market.

Our Products

The most technological, advanced products for healthcare, nature, forests protection and the environment

Test kits for Infectious diseases

MEDI-MERANIA LTD is a specialist for sale and provides the best infectious diseases Test kits for professional use in the market. Our company supply customers with high-quality in vitro diagnostic products efficiently and cost-effectively. Currently, we are offering product lines of rapid tests, MEDI-MERANIA product line provides immunoassays in various formats to detect cardiac markers, drugs of abuse, fertility hormones, infectious diseases, tumour markers.

Diabetes Management with new technologies

Premium Scrubs for Healthcare Professionals

Project Poseidon - Forest Protection

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